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-Sometimes I just want to take a break

Latest updates.

When I wake up from the
loneliness that wakes me up
I think about their always smiling face
which makes me smile without
-Calling out.
Naleul Kkaewooneun Waelowoomae
Jicheobolin Jamaeseo Kkaemyun
Yeojeonhee Utneun Geudaega Saengkaknaseo
Nado Mollae Miso Jitneundae
-Calling out.

No title.
Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Holidays are ending in a few days...
I felt like i done nothing.
Well, not exactly nothing.
I haven't finish
and what else?... a lot more
i guess :(
Oooo, i just got a tumblr,
but i always forgot to update it..
HAHA! Not use to it i guess.
Kay, i just decided to post
something to make my blog look
alive, not dead.

Getting back up.
Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Hmm.. so lazy to study...
Well, at least i studies geo form 1 since
i don't have h/w.. awesome!
Yeah man... finally to the next level,
i've waited for so long :(
Okay, whatsoever.
Group- finals! woohoo.. :D
The internet is just damn lame..
It's so slow and i can't download my stuff
smoothly.. damn!
I borrowed my cousin's trampoline
and started jumping every time i was
feeling bored or just had the time
to jump... it's fun!
Well, i just jump for fun but my sister
is seriously jumping as she wants to
grow taller! Hehhehh...
Okie dokie, enough of some crap,
buh bye dudes!
-plucking petals

Whatsoever just smile
Thursday, April 22, 2010

Finally, a day with drama!
But sadly the they removed
one of the drama that i'm
watching, have no idea why
they removed it.
Stupid liao...
But still... finally get to
watch Cinderella's Unni!!
That's the best part!
I just realized that i have
4 more h/w to do when
i checked the email
again.. HAHA!!!
thought i would have a
fun time since i finished
my homework :(
I'll just do it tomorrow i guess?!
Should be waking up
early tomorrow since
i overslept today,
so a reminder to
not over sleep again!
I'll just stop here okay,
don't go all blah blah blah
about nothing. :D
-smiling :)

Its been a long time.
Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I'm deciding to change the
blog skins or not... since it's
been quite long...
Uhm... totally hooked up on
dramas nowadays..
And i'm so disappointed
that i can't watch it today..
Well.. still, pray for the
people at Yu Shu !!
Holiday for 1 whole week
because school is closed!
Due to the 5 cases of
H1N1. Haishh...
Oh well.. 1 week at home..
AWESOME still..
but didn't get to go out
at all.. just stayed at home..
The things i've done this week:
Watch 3 dramas at once,
Finish my homework,
Siting in front of the comp,
Read The Lucky One,
and i don't know what else.
So i'll just write till
here.. HAVE FUN all the
Okay, i changed the blogskin
already, the affies..
yes i know you can't
press it.. and all my links
and archives are all gone..
Well.. nevermind.. :)
-until i met you

world behind my wall.
Friday, March 19, 2010

All that i'm after is a life full of laughter.

Failed to find a photo for today's post..
too bad than.
I think this song is awesome.
I see a lot of people either posting
this on blog or facebook. so yeah.
Well, school is starting in another
two days. it doesn't really feel like a
holiday since 2 days of school and later
on filled up with dance practice..
And the other time, i don't really
know what i'm doing... homework
almost done, just got to finish up
a little bit more.
Talking about dance practice,
we finally finish learning the
dance step, but i'm still a little lost
since i'm not good at dancing
and i need like a lot of practice..
Like Seriously!!!
Everyday got to practice so that
i won't affect my group :D
Good luck to us :)
so... ... thats it i guess.
i think i'll update a bit about
we'll see.
- taking one step
out of this triangle.